Coursera - Data Structures and Algorithms - Algorithmic Toolbox - Week 5


In the previous post I have described the fourth week of "Data Structures and Algorithms" course on Coursera. In this post I am going to cover the fifth week of that course.

What's has been covered

Authors covered dynamic programming and its various applications. Following problems were discussed during lectures:

  • Money change
  • Edit distance
  • Knapsack with/without repetitions
  • Maximum value of arithmetic expression

Programming assignment consists of the following problems:

  • Primitive Calculator - given a positive integer n, find the minimum number of operations needed to obtain the number n starting from the number 1.
  • Take as Much Gold as Possible - implement knapsack without repetitions.
  • Compute the Edit Distance Between Two Strings - nuff said.
  • Maximize the Value of an Arithmetic Expression - add parentheses to a given arithmetic expression to maximize its value.


In this post I have covered the fifth week of "Data Structures and Algorithms" course on Coursera. It was the last week of "Algorithmic Toolbox" course. I finished the course with 96.4% grade.