Azure Storage - 27: Azure Blob Service - Append Blobs


In the previous post I have showed how to work with page blobs. In this post I am going to cover page blobs.


Refer to previous posts to get started with Azure Blob Service.


An append blob is comprised of blocks and is optimized for append operations. You can only add blocks, it is impossible to delete a block. The following example demonstrates to basic usage of page blobs:

var blob = container.GetAppendBlobReference("append-blob.txt");
blob.AppendText("some text");

This code will create or replace a new append blob in a given container and append a line of text to it. There are couple different methods that can be used to append content to a page blob:

  • AppendText
  • AppendBlock
  • AppendFromByteArray
  • AppendFromFile
  • AppendFromStream

There are methods similar to block blobs, such as UploadText and DownloadText and other Upload* and Download* methods. You can find more information about block blobs at Part 25: Azure Blob Service - Block Blobs


In this post I have showed how to use append blobs. To get more information visit About Append Blobs. In the next post I am going to focus on metadata of containers and blobs.